New Roads Now

by Travelin' Miles



I was driving around in my van (whom I most lovingly refer to as 'Lucky') thinking about this song idea, in the Winter of 2020. I wound up at Lucky Peak. The snow began to fall, and I walked around until the song set up. I had some simple recording equipment in the van, so after the lyrics were there and the structure of the song were there, I hit the Lucky Peak....while the snow fell....and my fingers were cold.....and I could see my breath....and I did it in one take.


Left in the morning
Walked out the door
Could have been anywhere,
I just could not decide
Put my hat on my head
Banjo on the passenger side
Lucky and me got somewhere to be
Tired of the Big City Blues
Everybody just runnin' around
I don't wanna go anywhere that I been before
Set my compass to a far away star
Grab the wheel and put the rubber to tar
I'm going over there, somewhere I've never been before
We're goin' down new roads now
New roads, and how,
Do we get back home from here?
From Here?
From Here?
From Here?
I made a life outta being lost
Cards were delt and coins were tossed
But like "The Gambler" says,
Sometimes you gotta fold 'em
And take a loss
I'll take the road less traveled by
I'll be the wind, I'll be the sky
And in the end, I'll still be wondering why
We're goin' down
New roads now
New roads ah, but how,
Do we get back home from here
From Here?
From Here?
From Here?


released May 31, 2021
Travelin' Miles: Lyrics, Banjo, harmonica, music and cold fingers.


all rights reserved



Travelin' Miles Boise, Idaho

Travelin' Miles is a "one-man-suitcase" band. A solo act, utilizing guitar, banjo, harmonica and a homemade suitcase percussion kit. He also performs with Honey Bear in their jug band duo. She plays washtub bass, jews harp, washboard & saw. Travelin' Miles & Honey Bear opened for Grammy Award winning American Songster Dom Flemons at the 2020 Lost N Lava Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Shoshone, ID. ... more

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