Plenty Of Room

from Plenty Of Room by Travelin' Miles



well me and my baby been talkin' bout gittin us a new car to get around town...see the one we got now's got a couple hundred thou' and she's starting to make a funny sound...gotta get around town...gotta get around town...I said "well, what kinda car do you wanna get next? what's yer style honey, what fits ya best?"...she said "I only got a couple of needs, that you gotta hear before we write out a check."...I said "what's that baby?"...she said "I want it long and low, I want it black....I want plenty of room to lay down in the back."
so we took a little drive to the used car lot...cause we didn't want to spend a lot...I said " how 'bout the truck with the horns on the hood? it's got a black paint job and the tires are good." she said "it fits some of my needs, but it's out of reach...sits off the ground by four or five feet!...if that's the car that we're gonna drive...I'm gonna need me a ladder just to climb inside...I want it long and low, I want it black...I want plenty of room to lay down in the back."
now over in the corner, by the railroad tracks....shinin' in the sun was a Cadillac...engine was sound....she liked the was low to the ground, as she clearly defined....and as anybody knows and we could see....that car stretched out like Tennessee...but as we looked twice, in a different light....we could see that the color of her wasn't quite right...she said "baby, baby, baby! I want it long and low...I want it BLACK! I want plenty of room to lay the back."
so we started on back up the road to go home and we passed by the cemetery...a funeral was in we passed by the cemetery...well, she noticed a car that was parked the tombstones, under a tree....I guess it was just what she wanted...cause she leaned in and whispered to me..."it's long and low and it's black.......and there's plenty of room to lay the back."


from Plenty Of Room, released January 17, 2018


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Travelin' Miles Boise, Idaho

Travelin' Miles is a "one-man-suitcase" band. A solo act, utilizing guitar, banjo, harmonica and a homemade suitcase percussion kit. He also performs with Honey Bear in their jug band duo. She plays washtub bass, jews harp, washboard & saw. Travelin' Miles & Honey Bear opened for Grammy Award winning American Songster Dom Flemons at the 2020 Lost N Lava Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Shoshone, ID. ... more

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